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A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.


Jackie Robinson

Education is the key to success in life, & teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.

Solomon Ortiz

The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.


Tony Robbins

Why Volunteer for the LHSOA?

In order to continue the tradition of excellence for which Lassiter Orchestra is known, we are asking you to become part of our parent team.  Your efforts will benefit not just your child, but all of the Orchestra students, and extend to the Lassiter community and Cobb County at large.

It’s a pretty common mistake to think of volunteering as just something that nice people can do. Sure, it may make them feel great about helping, but what impact does it really have?

Parent volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well being of our Orchestra community. Here are just some of  the ways that Orchestra volunteers make a difference:

  • Volunteers help the Orchestra Directors in small immeasurable ways every day.  By picking up the slack and attending to a myriad of background details big and small, they allow Directors to put their full focus and efforts on teaching and doing what they do best.
  • Volunteers help ensure all of the Orchestra spaces are fresh, state-of-the-art and cheerful places to learn and thrive.  Creating and maintain positive spaces says to our children, your learning environment is important to us.  Investing in Orchestra spaces boasts student pride and excellence.
  • Volunteers organize, run errands, pick up clinician lunches, shop for snacks, provide concert receptions and rehearsal spreads, bake for bake sales, work behind-the-scene at performances, work out-front in the lobby at concerts, they roll up their sleeves and do whatever needs to get done.
  • Volunteers use their fund raising creativity and energy to raise money to help turn lofty dreams into reality and show our children to dare to reach for the stars.
  • Volunteers take pictures, record performances, create and manage our beautiful new website, communicate with you in The Week Ahead, coordinate camps, bowling parties, dances, breakfasts, silent auctions, banquets, awards, and more.
  • Volunteers help educate the Orchestra families why getting the support of every family is critical. Whether you give LHSOA $1 or $500 your participation is what counts the most. Being able to say 100% of the Orchestra families have participated means that we can apply for large grants that can help propel Orchestra even further.
  • Volunteers have fun! They enjoying seeing the huge impact their small part has on their child’s experience and the organization at large.
  • Volunteers are the heart of Orchestra. You know what happens when the heart stops beating.
  • Volunteers make it all happen, and if we all do a little, together we can accomplish a lot!

So volunteer your services today!  And consider becoming a board member of the LHSOA . There is no end to the positive impact of one.

If you need more info or are ready to Volunteer

Open Volunteer Positions

Help our students and contribute to the LHSOA:

__ Trip Coordinator        __ Notary                  __ Back Stage Helper
__ Graphic Artist              __ Audio/Visual      __ Fund Raiser Assnt
__ Electrical Engineer     __ Cleaning Service __ Limousine Service
__ Interior Decorator      __ Party Specialist   __ Copy Writer
__ Copyrighter                 __ Food Caterer       __ Handi-person

Help needed:

____ Spray paint LHSO Logo on Orchestra student’s driveways
____ Graphic Artist help organize/standardize various LHSO logos
____ Procure/install large wall-mounted mirrors in practice/ensemble rooms
____ Procure fun furniture and accessories for student’s new ensemble room
____ Procure benches for the hallway

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