A Message from your LHSOA President

Anyone who was involved with music in high school will attest, the experience remains with you for a lifetime in the form of memories, friends, and musical skills.  As a LHSOA Board Member, being a part of the orchestra process provides both a sense of belonging and a sense of community in doing work for the greater good of our school and the Lassiter music program.  It is in this spirit that I ask those of you who want to be a part of your student’s experience and have an interest in giving something back to the orchestra, to step forward and become involved.  We have members of the LHSOA Board who are either graduating or rotating off this year, which presents several opportunities for others to become more involved with the Association’s governance and operations.

We are all very busy both with home and professional responsibilities, however, I ask that all of you wonderful parents and caregivers consider making a bit more room in your busy schedules to become a more integral part of this wonderful orchestra.  Some jobs take only an hour or so per week, and some take only a couple hours per month, and many event roles require only a few hours per quarter, so please consider jumping-in and lending your time and talents in whichever way is most meaningful to you.

The nominating committee for Board positions will convene very soon.  To express an interest in serving on either a committee or as an officer on the Board, please send an email to the Nominating Committee Chair, Ajit Kahaduwe, at webmaster@lhsoa.org.

Thank you for your consideration.

Musically yours,

Jonathan Warner

*Indicates current member rotating off the Board, however, all positions are eligible for nomination.


Provides leadership and managerial oversight to all aspects of the LHSOA.  Member of the Executive Board.

*Vice President

Coordinates volunteers and provides oversight for all events; Works closely with the orchestra directors and the president on all activities, and is a member of the Executive Board.


Maintains all records and forms for the orchestra; maintains files on-line in the cloud, and is a member of the Executive Board.

Co-Treasurer (Bookkeeping)

Tracks income and expenses; prepares, monitors, and reports on the annual budget to the Board and the membership.  Experience in QuickBooks is highly desirable but not required.  Member of the Executive Board.

*Co-Treasurer (AR/AP, Banking)

Collects checks and forms in the lock box; makes banking runs, tracks payments for trips, works closely with the other co-treasurer in charge of bookkeeping. Member of the Executive Board.

*Lassiter String Academy Coordinator

Works with Academy string teachers and the orchestra director to coordinate after school lessons and track payments.  Member of the Board.


Maintains the website and the published master orchestra calendar. Member of the Board.

Communications Officer

Puts together and sends out the weekly newsletter, manages Social Media posts, utilizes emails to ensure good information flow between the Orchestra directors, the Parent volunteers and Orchestra families. Member of the Board.

*Fundraising Coordinator

Plans and executes most fundraisers throughout the year.

*Memberships and Sponsorships Coordinator

Promotes individual and business giving programs to ensure the highest percentage of families participate in the financial health of the booster club, and also ensures visibility in the local business community.

Spring Trip Planner (needed annually)

Works closely with all parties to ensure the spring trip is organized prior to, during, and after the trip regarding travel plans and arrangements.  Works closely with the orchestra director, the treasurers, and the tour companies.

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