Lassiter High School Orchestra Association

PO Box 671345, Marietta GA 30066

Our Mission

LHSOA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) booster organization established to:
  • Support the Lassiter High School Orchestra Program
  • Enhance music education
  • Communicate with parents
  • Encourage students at all levels of participation

LHSOA accomplishes this by:

  • Supporting the orchestra and its directors through fundraising efforts including annual Poinsettia Sale, A Night at the Movies Silent Auction, Yankee. Candle Mother’s Day Event, LHSOA Online Store, Business Sponsorships, Bake Sales and More!
  • Enhancing the Orchestra Program by providing Orchestra and Sectional Clinics, organizing
  • Camps, Master Classes, supplemental educational and performance opportunities
  • Communicating through the lhso.org web site in general and through The Week Ahead Sunday, weekly newsletter, a Facebook page, and email correspondence

Position Name Email Address
Director Carol Doemel Carol.Doemel@cobbk12.org
Assistant Director Koji Mori koji.mori@cobb12.org
President Jonathan Warner president@lhsoa.org
Vice President Audrey Donahue vicepresident@lhsoa.org

Pauline Miller

Dinah Biggs



Secretary Sharon Powers secretary@lhsoa.org
Communications Suparna Poyapakkam communications@lhsoa.org
String Academy Amy Fudger stringacademy@lhsoa.org
Fundraising Victoria Moeller fundraising@lhsoa.org
Webmaster  Ajit Kahaduwe webmaster@lhsoa.org




Event Coordinator Audrey Donahue events@lhsoa.org
Trip Planner Aida Hutchison trips@lhsoa.org

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