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The Lassiter High School Orchestra Program is composed of 5 major ensembles: the Lassiter Symphony Orchestra,  Chamber I Orchestra, Chamber II Orchestra,  Sinfonia I Orchestra, Sinfonia II Orchestra (2nd semester), and the Freshman Philharmonic (1st semester) and is made up of approximately 230 advanced string musicians in grades 9-12.  Additionally, there are on-going opportunities and training for chamber ensembles throughout the school year.
LHSO has performed domestically, internationally and is the recipient of numerous awards and invitations.  Home to the gem of Cobb County, the Lassiter Concert Hall provides LHSO members numerous opportunities throughout the year to perform alongside professional musicians and guest conductors in an enviable state-of-the-art facility.

Under the guidance and care of Director Carol Doemel, and Assistant Director Koji Mori, LHSO students are exposed to a world-class music education.  Their philosophy is simple: music is a fundamental part of the human experience.  They believe that music education is a necessary endeavor to ensure that the whole child is educated.  This is achieved by ensuring skill development, cognitive understanding, and aesthetic appreciation of music for all students.

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